Saturday, 30 March 2013

Then Brother Michael was going away and the fellow out of third of grammar told him to be sure and  come back and tell him all the news in the paper. He told Stephen that his name was Athy and that his father kept a lot of racehorses that were spiffing jumpers and that his father would give a good tip to Brother Michael any time and always told him the news out of the paper they got every day up in the castle. There was every kind of news in the paper: accidents, shipwrecks, sports and politics.

----Now it is all about politics in the paper, he said. Do your people talk about that too?

----Yes, Stephen said.

----Mine too, he said.

Then he thought for a moment and said:

----You have a queer name, Dedalus, and I have a queer name too, Athy. My name is the name of a town. Your name is like Latin.

Then he asked:

----Are you good at riddles?

Stephen answered:

----Not very good.

Then he said:

----Can you answer me this one? Why is the country Kildare like the leg of a fellow's breeches?

Stephen thought what could be the answer and then said:

----I give it up.

----Because there is a thigh in it, he said. Do you see the joke? Athy is the town in the county Kildare and a thigh is the other thigh.

----O, I see, Stephen said.

----That's an old riddle, he said.

After a moment he said:

----I say!

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